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10 months ago

Why am I always late?

I literally trick myself into thinking that I have more time than I do on a regular basis. And I’m chronically late as the outcome. Anyone else have this issue or any tricks or tips on how to combat it?

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Prepare what you can the day before, no matter if it is food you need to take with you or documents, get your things together the day before Anything household related that involves electrical devices or open windows, close them half an hour before, be sure that you got your essentials ready to go, phone, wallet etc, Check the weather and choose an outfit some hours before it as well- the day before. Be sure you have the right purse/bag/luggage that fits everything you need.. Set a timer like half an hour before departure so that you can see any minute exactly how much time you have left- if you are dependent on bus or train, plan to take one earlier Just so you know- it has been one of my biggest struggles and I slightly managed to improve already

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I make a routine and look at how long it takes to get there and then plan what time I need to get ready, then I say it in my head over and over.

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Put every clock inside you’re house 15 minutes ahead and you will panick and rush because you forget it is 15 minutes ahead and you will be on time (works for me, my mom and my brother. We are all adhd people) and still use the timer and other tips you get because it will only help

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my problem with those tricks is tho that i tend to forget to set the timer for example although they help if i’m actually using them do you maybe have any suggestions on how to stick to doing them ?

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