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1 year ago

Freshly diagnosed

I got diagnosed just 2 days ago and while I agree with the diagnosis and it's what i basically expected, it still feels weird trying to realize that I really do have ADHD after doing research from an agnostic viewpoint for a while now. I guess it'll sink in fully in due time. Exited to try this app and share in the wealth of knowledge on here and to eventually see if medication can help me. Happy Sunday from Norway.

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I totally went through a denial phase. I did a hyper focused info dive into ADHD, and the more I read the more it actually empowered me! Knowledge is power my friend. Look into other disorders linked to ADHD. ADHD is often never the only disorder. Good luck 😊

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Newbie here too! I have suspected for years now and tried applying strategies I picked up from research Or friends, it worked until it didn’t so went on the journey for a formal diagnosis and there you have it! I was formally diagnosed 3 days ago!

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Hei hei! It’s definitely a trip getting diagnosed as an adult, I’m in the same boat (got mine 5 years ago). It’s gonna feel really weird from time to time, but that’s completely normal. Welcome to the club!

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Hello :) Don’t worry! What you’re feeling is normal. It is common for newly diagnosed to deal with, what is referred to as, imposter syndrome. Good-luck on this journey! It really does help having a diagnosis and learning all the reasons why you are who you are, and how to help navigate some of the hard stuff!

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